Introductory Questions


Kirelos, Youssef.

Student ID


What is your preferred name?

My preferred name is Joe.

What are you preferred pronouns?

My preferred pronouns are "He, Him".

Where did you last study before coming to Dawson?

I study in a highschool (Lucien Pagé).

What program are you currently enrolled in?

I'm inlisted in the IMA program (Interactive Media Arts).

What are your plans after completing you DEC?

After completing my DEC I plan on going to the university of Concordia to study in Computation arts.

What is your favorite subject?

My favorite subject is Game design.

What is your favorite past-time/hobby/sport?

My favorite past-time is playing Video games.

Honestly, why did you select this course?

Honestly, I chose this cours because it was the best course for my schedule.
I live pretty far so I try to optimize my schedule to avoid idle down-time between courses in order to make up for the excessive travel time.

Describe two different learning activities that you find most effective.

1-Hands on,working with assignments that force us to look up sources and self teach the necessary techniques to achieve the goals set.
2-analysis of other successful websites where we are made to determine the smallest number of essential factors that lead to the succes of the website and then proceed to make a website using the same essential factors.

I like reading mystery books when I say Mystery I mean it follows Father Ronald A. Knox's rules
Knox's rules or decalogue is a set of rules written by a famous mystery author, Ronald A. Knox.
They were written for aspiring mystery authors in order to help them create a fair mystery for the readers that is interesting, solvable and doesn't rely on cheap tricks in order to be impossible to solve